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poe on conan

so, i guess MZD reads aloud lines from the house of leaves in the new poe song. she was on conan tonight and i watched, and i'm assuming that was him on there. it's the part when johnny is with kyrie in the car.. i thought it was really weird seeing what the man who wrote this book actually LOOKS like..
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Ack! And I missed it?? :( I am so very sad... Hopefully they'll re-run it sometime.
i didn't find this community until AFTERward or else i would've told you guys.. and i didn't know about the conan thing until yesterday morning while looking in the paper. i dunno about reruns either :\
Ah well.. I will wait and see if I can catch it on a rerun :) Very cool though.. I'd love to see Mark and Poe together. That's spiff.
it was pretty funny to see him dancing around on the side. haha

i'm gonna feel really dumb if that wasn't him. but you'd think it was... yeah... probably :)
y'all know that the album Haunted by Poe is all about
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y'all know that the album <i>Haunted</i> by Poe is all about <color=blue>House<color=black>, right?
well it's not about THE house... both the book and the song lyrics were written from the same experience both of them went through. so that's why there's similarities....

First of all, is that why the artwork for Poe's Haunted consists of the same sheets of Polaroids that appear on the spine of the book?

Second of all: Yeah? Similarities? Like the song "5 1/2 Minute Hallway"? Lyrics like "the landlord came today/measured everything/of course it didn't add up/[I]knew it wouldn't"?

Third of all: The experience the both of them went through? Do you actually think this house exists? Do you think that Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is really a doctor? Do you think Hannibal Lecter is really a serial killer? They call it fiction for a reason. What, when they were growing up, little Marky and little Poe-y actually got lost in a big house? Bullshit. It's fiction, with an elaborate tie-in. It's called collectivity - artists working on the same project.
do you have to be such a dick about it? i read the bio on the poe site and this is where i'm coming from. damn...

they said they both went through the same situation growing up, their relationship with their dad was really messed up. when he died, they found a trunk in his storage (something like that) with a recorded message for them and all this other stuff. and both the book and the cd are written from that experience. yes i realize the similarities between the two, how she uses the pictures and the names from his book.... but i don't think they sat down together and decided on all that stuff.
Yes. I do have to be a dick about it. Sorry, but ignorance pisses me off.

Once more: It's FICTION. If you can't handle that, maybe you should go back to Big Little Books. "Recorded message in a trunk" indeed. And even if that was true - have you READ the book? This utterly false situation you describe resembles nothing at all from House.

And one more thing: Considering that there's a recorded version (Book-On-Tape, if you will) of House, read by Mark with accompaniment (music, various sound effects) by Poe, so yes, Virginia, I do think they sat down and collaborated on this.
oh wow thank you so much for explaining that to me!!! you TOTALLY helped me out. i'm sorry, i'm just too stupid to realize it was fictional. go to and read the bio, and quit being an asshole on purpose.
could you fill me in on something? i think this came up in the argument with that asshole "eraserhead".

(from the inside back of the jewel case from Haunted, the thank-you to mark near the bottom)
Who would have imagined that a promise we made one November night as children, would still remain unbroken?

do you know what the promise was? has poe ever talked about it in interviews or anything?
have you not read ANY of the dialogue on the cd book? since you obviously and arrogantly doubt it all, i'll type it out for you.

This album is dedicated to my father Tad Z. Danielewski (1921-1993)
A few years after my father died my brother and I came across a box of cassettes-recordings of my father's voice. One was a letter to my brother that he had spoken into a tape recorder long ago; another was the recording of a speech he had given during his years as a teacher; and a few more contained random recordings of forgotten family noise. Hearing his voice again shook me to my foundation. At first I couldn't bear to listen to him, then I couldn't stop. Finally I began sampling him. It was an eerie process. Had I resurrected a ghost? In some ways I had. Ultimately I entered into a dialogue with that ghost. Pieces of that dialogue compose the story contained on this album.
So... You're basically supporting my claim that Poe and MZD worked together, is that it? If so, thanks, and by the way, I am an asshole.

Otherwise, I have no clue what your point is. Are you trying to prove to me that you believe everything you read? Are you telling me that you would gladly drink from the fount of knowledge, if Poe was the dispenser? Listen to me, for I'm only going to say this ONCE MORE.

Artists often work together, either as a collective or as a collaberation. I think (and yes, Virginia, I think - this is obviously not the only viewpoint here) that sure, Poe and MZD find some tapes and figure - hey! this is weird! So ... they take the tapes and listen to them, and gradually Poe begins to theme the album 'Haunted' around her dead father - meanwhile, MZD is working on his first book, and begins to incorporate bits and pieces of the house he grew up in, along with aspects of his father - it's been said that every first book is more than 50% autobiographical - and eventually, MZD and Poe begin to take inspiration from each other; evident in songs like "5 1/2 Minute Hallway". I believe in synchronicity, but not quite that dramatic that there could never have been any kind of collaberation between them.

Questions? Want me to flesh out what I think here? Want me to leave the community? Just let me know what you think of what I just said.

what i posted had nothing to do with poe and mzd's collaboration (although, yes, i agree with you that they did some collaborating - i never said i disagreed on that - ), what i was stressing was you say (and i'm quoting your post directly) ""Recorded message in a trunk" indeed. And even if that was true - have you READ the book? This utterly false situation you describe resembles nothing at all from House."

if they hadn't gone through that, would the album and the book exist at all? the tapes and the event have EVERYTHING to do with the project.

OK. I see. My viewpoint: (see? I can be nice, or at least civil) The 'recorded message' in a trunk was most likely nothing more than their father fucking around with a tape recorder, maybe saying things like "Hello from the past! This is your dad! Etc. Etc.", not some kind of special message or anything. Poe's little writeups are notoriously vague, and MZD would probably write something across the page sideways to answer the question.

My main point in that post (the one you quoted) was that I saw no connection between finding a "message" (kind of a misnomer, I'd say) and the recording and writing of these works. Perhaps I didn't explain myself well enough, perhaps I was a bit caustic.
i see where you're coming from. i realize now that there was huge miscommunication going on.
a long time ago from my other posts to you... i dunno if i said this or not but i basically meant that i don't think poe's album is ABOUT his book. i just think that they were both influenced by the same things, which is why they're connected.. and it says that on poe's site.
Sorry. My mistake.

And that, of course, we can agree on.

Oh well.