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whalestoe letters

is it rare to find a signed copy of the whalestoe letters at the bookstore....?
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It's rare to even find a copy of Whalestoe at all here. It and HoL sells out very quickly. I would be extatic if I found a signed copy though. :)
well, i went to downtown portland and to powell's, which is a really huge new/used bookstore... found house of leaves and the whalestoe letters. there were about 8 copies of the latter and i was skimming through one, and on the page that says "For P. Les Jours s'en vont tu demeures." in blue marker was written "July 24, 2001"(above it) and below it was a big Z. i didn't have enough money that week to buy it since i was getting something else, and a week later i went back and all of the copies of house of leaves were gone.. but all the whalestoe letters books were still there. i tried finding the one with the signature and couldn't find it until i got to the very last one (i wonder if somebody was trying to hide it?) and there it was! i didn't know he even came to portland in july?? who knows.. it's really weird that only one would be signed and not the others. i thought maybe it was used but nope. woohooo
... FYI, a literal translation of the french inscription is "the days go away from your house."

fancy seeing you here.
Yes, you are very lucky. :) Is there any way you could scan the signed page and post it on the web or e-mail it to me? I'd love to see it. :) Thanks
haha ok... if i ever get around to it. plus it's gonna be hard to have it flat enough in the scanner... i'll try!
:) Thanks. Be sure to let me know if you do it! :)
sorry about the scan, it wouldn't lay flat in the scanner... and it's crooked haha

Thanks a lot. :) Sorry for taking so long to say something though.
it's not too exciting once you see it huh??? haha